The other Cuba

I highly recommend reading a short essay from Progreso Weekly called “The other Cuba”. Thanks to Harold Cárdenas Lema for a very even-handed and well articulated discussion of this controversial topic.

I’ve traveled to Cuba several times and have long-time friendships with people there, and I also write and teach about Cuba, so frequently I am approached as an “expert” and asked to serve as a cultural interpreter. One of the questions that I hear most, from students and friends alike, is whether the Cuban people are “content” with what they have, or whether they want to achieve a United States style “democracy.” Usually they don’t understand that they are proposing a false dichotomy, and that indeed there are any number of options. Yes, as this author has said, the third Cuba is desperately needed. We have a saying in English that “the good is the enemy of the best.” I wish for Cuba the very best of everything.


About cubanabooks

Cubanabooks is a small independent press devoted to bringing first-class literature from Cuban women to a United States audience as well as to a global English and Spanish-speaking public. Publishing select literary gems in English or in bilingual English/Spanish volumes, Cubanabooks aims to correct the current U.S. unavailability of excellent literature from Cubans living in Cuba. At this time we prioritize the dissemination of works by living female writers who reside on the island. The founder and senior editor is Dr. Sara E. Cooper (Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin 1999), Professor of Spanish at California State University, Chico.
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