Havana is indeed a really big city

Havana_jacket_ThumbHave you ever had that feeling that you’ve been somewhere, when actually, you never have? Mirta Yanez’s “Havana is a really Big City” makes you feel as though you’ve been to Cuba… even if you’ve only wished it to be true. It is an impressive collection of short stories featuring Cuba and the everyday lives of its people. “Havana is a really Big City” is a very enjoyable read. It is interesting how the title says that Havana is a big city but in her stories, Yanez portrays Cuba as a familiar place, the well-known small town feel. Each story introduces us to a character, ranging from children to adults to a dog, who tells us a personal account of the highs and lows of life. Each story is so different, covering a variety of themes such as sadness for lost loved ones, unhappiness with life, coming of age, and love. These stories are original and down to earth, and the emotions that flow from character to character and story to story are completely relatable. Yanez weaves so much emotion into such few words. She writes as though she’s a good friend just telling you stories. This book will keep you entertained and I definitely recommend it.

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