Mirta Yañez, a genius writer

photo from Ute Evers' interview of Yáñez, published in La Gaceta de Cuba (july-aug 2011)

photo from Ute Evers’ interview of Yáñez, published in La Gaceta de Cuba (july-aug 2011)

Havana is a Really Big City is a REALLY interesting book. The short stories presented here are very unique and provide you with a better sense of what the Cuban culture is. There are a couple ones that make you laugh because they can be super weird. Other stories require close attention because they can get a bit confusing.

I really liked this book because the detailed descriptions helped me picture the entire scene of each and every short story. I particularly enjoyed reading two short stories, “The Beatles vs. Duran Duran” and “For Men Only”. The first one is about a mom who is having a difference with her daughter because of their taste in music. At the end the mom learns to tolerate her daughter’s preferences in music and even likes it! “For Men Only” is about sexual discrimination regarding a guy that works as the head of the National City Bank of New York. There would be nasty comments on the bathrooms of the building about this guy and nobody knew who had done it. At the end you get surprised by the revelation of who did it.

I recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in learning more about Cuba and its literature.

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