Esmeralda Diaz


If you are looking for a book that catches your attention from the start–don’t look any further, the book OpheliaFront cover of Ophelias, title and a woman's feet partially submerged in Caribbean waterss by Aida Bahr is an outstanding collection of short stories that grabs the reader’s attention story by story till the end of the book. In her book she focuses on Cuban women, and her main topics are rape, early motherhood, adolescent love, death, and mourning. I would recommend this book because the author does an amazing job at describing the characters’ feeling, actions and thoughts. One of my favorite stories from the book is Doors because she gives a great description of how much the wife and husband loved each other. The author gives so much description of how the wife feels in regards to her husband that it makes the reader feel sorry for character. Another one of my favorite short stories from this book is Early Morning, this story made me cry and ask myself why women have to go through a rape in their own house, it just seems so unfair. This is one of the greatest books I have read in a while.

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