Columbia, Missouri
April 27-30, 2016

Submission Deadline—December 15, 2015

IMG_1080AFRO-CUBAN ARTISTS: A RENAISSANCE is an international interdisciplinary conference hosted by the MU Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, which will be of interest to scholars, and students, as well as creative artists working in the African Diaspora, Cuban/Caribbean /Latin American arts, art history, history, culture, religions, ritual, performances, gender or ethnic studies.  The conference will explore various topics related to the aesthetics, socio-cultural and political antecedents, context and impact of the Afro-Cuban artists who came of age after 1959.

Three leading contemporary Afro-Cuban artists, Manuel Mendive (1944), Eduardo IMG_1078“Choco” Roca (1949), and Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons (1959), will be present and hold exhibitions in Columbia during the conference.  Mendive and Campos-Pons will also present performances. Documentaries by Juanamaría Cordones-Cook examining the life and work of these artists will also be screened.

Proposals for presentations of papers and visual performances are welcome on topics related, but not limited to:
·         arts and race
·         African Diaspora arts in Latin America
·         ethnicity and visual interpretation
·         aesthetics and religion
·         dialogue between the arts
·         the magic space of image, ritual, and art performance
·         institutional organization and art production
·         performance of Africanity in the visual arts
·         collaborative art production
·         art and social and political contexts

The deadline for submission is December 15, 2015. Anyone wishing to present a paper may submit a proposal online at Each presentation will be limited to 20 minutes.  The proposals will be peer reviewed. Applicants will be notified by February 10, 2016.  Approved presenters must confirm their attendance by registering for the conference no later than March 1, 2016.  The conference fee is $125.00, which includes presentation of papers, admittance to the exhibitions, performances, and film screenings. Student (full-time status) fee is $70.00.

Continue to check our website for updated information.
For content information, please contact Dr. Juanamaría Cordones-Cook, Project Director at

Thank you to Mizzou Advantage for their generous support of this conference.


About cubanabooks

Cubanabooks is a small independent press devoted to bringing first-class literature from Cuban women to a United States audience as well as to a global English and Spanish-speaking public. Publishing select literary gems in English or in bilingual English/Spanish volumes, Cubanabooks aims to correct the current U.S. unavailability of excellent literature from Cubans living in Cuba. At this time we prioritize the dissemination of works by living female writers who reside on the island. The founder and senior editor is Dr. Sara E. Cooper (Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin 1999), Professor of Spanish at California State University, Chico.
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