Help us bring Cuban women’s voices to the United States!!


(back row, left to right) Uva de Aragón, María Elena Llana, Nancy Alonso, Aida Bahr (front row) Nancy Morejón, Georgina Herrera, Sara E. Cooper, Mirta Yáñez

Cubanabooks: Helping Women, Building Bridges

Help us bring Cuban women’s voices to the United States!! DONATE NOW!

When Barack Obama and Raul Castro made simultaneous pledges this January, to renew political ties between the United States and Cuba, the hopes and dreams of many from both countries became a reality.


…works directly and collaboratively with real Cubans!

…brings you  stories, thoughts and poetry written by Cuban women–in bilingual editions!

builds connections between Cuban women and readers just like you, with video interviews and live events here in the U.S.!

…provides Cuban women with dignified opportunities to grow professionally while supporting themselves and their families!

Support our efforts to build bridges and help Cuban women! Help us bring this year’s invited authors to Chico (and many major cities)– you will love Afro-Cuban poet Georgina Herrera and master of suspense María Elena Llana.

Help us bring out the next round of books, including fantastical short stories by the feisty 81 year-old Esther Díaz Llanillo, critical poetry by the often-censored Zurelys López Amaya, and a novel inspired by the author’s own experiences in mental institution–by Margarita Mateo Palmer.

Our mission can be your legacy–helping women and building bridges at this unique moment of change. Make a donation today!

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